Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can I please have time to sketch again?

Wikicommons - i should put one of these in a sketch.

my dumb dream: i drove to the school bus and got on (why i'm taking one? to go to school, of course). i put my car keys in my pocket. and what do I realize? i am still in my robe and slippers. and i'm on the bus now. i panic. why the heck did I not get dressed before going out, i think to myself. i see a friend, ask them for a phone, they give me one. very strange phone (like those old phones with a spinning dial), obviously very damaged, but whatever it works. i call my boyfriend, he picks up and he's already in the car driving behind the bus with my shoes and clothes. i'm like, thank god you noticed! he didn't have my backpack or phone though but that was not that bad. my dream ended, i never got those clothes.

was this from thinking about clothes so much lately? or have my school years come back to haunt me? i did take a yellow school bus from elementary to high school. good times. i feel old now. fantastic.

UPDATE: Here is some commentary about my dream from a friend... "maybe the universe is telling you that clothes will eventually leave you feeling naked!" There could be something to that.

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